This article is about the in-game cosmetics store. For the item store used during gameplay, see Item Store.

The Store is a cosmetic items shop in SMITE found through the main menu. This shop serves as a main hub where players can purchase Gems.png Gems as well as find most currently purchasable cosmetics such as god skins, ward skins, avatars, emotes, and more. The store is separated into multiple small tabs with different forms of cosmetics.

Buy Gems

The Buy Gems page is where the player can purchase Gems.png Gems as well as find certain DLC bundles. During sales, this page displays the discounted price of gems. For standard gem prices, see Gems.


The Deals tab contains three separate groups of god skins, emotes, or profile cosmetics that are made available to the player at a discount.

On the left, is the "Weekly Deals", a set of three exclusive-tier skins that are not normally directly purchasable. The skins in the weekly deals section are individually priced and appear whether or not the player already owns them. These skins are all the same for every player and they rotate to a new set after seven days. During seasonal times or special events, these skins all share a common theme.

On the right, is the "Daily Bundles", two sets of three cosmetic items that are randomly selected and heavily discounted. These cosmetics can be standard-tier god skins, exclusive-tier god skins, ward skins, emotes, or avatars. These sets are different for each player and they rotate to a new set daily. If a player purchases an item that's part of the daily bundle, the set of cosmetics the purchased item was part of is made unavailable.


The Gods/Skins tab is where the player can find all purchasable gods and currently available god skins along with a preview of them on the right side of the screen. The skins shown are listed in order of release date but can also be filtered by alphabetical order, price in gems, or price in favor. Skins may also be filtered by their tier (exclusive, limited, or unlimited), or even by owned or not owned gods. If the user wants to find a specific skin, they may also use the search bar.


The Chests tab is where the player can find all of the cosmetic chests that are in rotation. The selection of chests change often and certain chests are only available at certain times of the year. For an in depth explanation on chests, see Treasure Chests.


The Gifting tab is a way players can show their thanks to other players by sending them a cosmetic gift. These gifts can be emotes, voicepacks, tier 2 skins, or exclusive skins. For more information on gifts, see Gifting.


The Other tab is the most extensive page that includes all other types of cosmetics found in the game, excluding HUD themes. At the top left, the user can find a drop-down menu to switch between all the types of cosmetics. Within the drop-down menu is the following: Account, Announcer Pack, Avatar, Bundle, Death Mark, Emotes, Esports Teams, Fountain Skin, Global Emote, Jump Stamp, Level-Up Skin, Loading Frame, Loading Screen, Music Theme, Pedestal, Recall Skin, Title, Voice Pack, and Ward. For more info on most of these categories, see Cosmetic Items.

In the Account section, players can change their account's in-game username for Gems.png 400, or input a promotional code to redeem a prize given to them outside of the game. Account boosters can also be purchased here which can boost their account for either 1 day, 3 days, or 30 days.

The Esports Teams section contains avatars and ward skins that depict the logos of each esports team in the Smite Pro League. Purchasing these items not only show support for a team in-game but also support the teams financially outside of the game.


A section in the store's "Other" tab, this page displays all cosmetic bundles available, along with other event progression upgrades. Bundles can be a set of skins or other cosmetics that are purchased at once.

Digital Loot Pack

Annually, SMITE releases a bundle of cosmetic items to celebrate the SMITE World Championship. These bundles often include four god skins, smaller cosmetics, and a Divine Chest.

  • Season 8 Digital Loot Pack Gems.png 1500

Store Exclusive Bundles

The following are bundles that are not available anywhere outside of the store:

  • Hi-Rez The Rapper Gems.png 300
  • Hi-Rez The Rapper Music Theme
  • Hi-Rez The Rapper Avatar
  • Scary Spooky Gems.png 400
  • Volcanic Fountain Skin
  • Spooky Buzzsaw Level-Up Skin
  • Chef Vulcan Gems.png 600
  • Chef Vulcan Skin
  • Chef Vulcan Announcer Pack
  • Headless Norseman Gems.png 600
  • Headless Norseman Loki Skin
  • Ghouls and Bats Recall Skin
  • Pumpkin Suprise! Global Emote
  • Cosmic Gems.png 600
  • Cosmic Conqueror Hercules Skin
  • Cosmic Jump Stamp
  • Cosmic Fountain Skin
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