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Treasure Chests in SMITE are a feature that was introduced with SMITE Version 1.0.2247, which released on August 7, 2014. They are a way to spend Gems Gems and try your luck to get rare or unique Cosmetic Items that can't be obtained in any other way and to obtain cosmetics at a discounted price. The treasure chest menu can be accessed from the in-game store.

To open a chest, simply select the chest you want, and then click the button under "Unlock Chest". Chests can only be opened with gems, with their price being displayed on their purchase button. Standard chests usually cost 400 Gems (600 Gems for crossover chests) to open while Mystery-type chests tend to cost 200 Gems. There are a few other chests that cost more or less depending on their content. There may also be temporary sales, where chests will be sold at a discount for a few days.

Each chest will generally have a timer that displays how long it'll be available on the store before it is removed. The timer can be seen under the chest's name. Chests without a timer are usually part of lengty promotions and events. Chests may reappear in the future for limited periods of time, and on sales.

The contents of a chest are displayed in a list on the left side of the screen. There are icons that indicate different things:

  • The ownership status of the items in the chest:
  • Graphic Locked Unowned items will have this icon next to them.
  • Graphic UnLocked Items that are already unlocked will have this icon next to them.
  • The item rolling mechanic of that chest:
  • Graphic ChestChoiceIndicator Pick3 Rolling a chest that features this icon will give the option of choosing one out of 3 unowned items in it.
  • Graphic ChestChoiceIndicator Pick2 Rolling a chest that features this icon will give the option of choosing one out of 2 unowned items in it.

Chests never unlock duplicate items. Unlocking an item from a chest that is also present in other chests will count as unlocked in all of them. A chest cannot be rolled if all items in it are already owned. All items have an equal chance to roll, meaning no item has a higher chance to drop than another (the exception being the Odyssey chests, a type of chest that contains a massive amount of items worth 200 Gems and up. Miscellaneous cosmetics such as avatars, ward skins, etc. have the highest chance to be rolled, followed by standard god skins, with exclusive god skins having a lower chance than the rest). Some chests contain bundles made up of multiple cosmetic items and all of the items in the bundle will unlock when rolled.

Some chests feature the "Treasure Choice" system, where the player gets to pick a specific item after rolling on the chest a certain amount of times.

There are a few special chests exclusive to Clans that can only be unlocked with NewUI Clan Honor Honor. For more detailed information, please visit its main article: Clan Store

Players can purchase gifts for other players that grant a random cosmetic in a similar fashion to treasure chests. For more detailed information about this, please visit its main article: Gifting

List of treasure chests[ | ]

Season 1 chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll OdysseyTransparent God Icon
Odyssey Chest
TreasureRoll InternationalTransparent God Icon
International Chest
TreasureRoll MysteryTransparent God Icon
Mystery Chest
TreasureRoll SpringFestivalTransparent God Icon
Spring Festival Chest

Season 2 chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll MysteryTransparent God Icon
Curiosity Chest
TreasureRoll HuntersTransparent God Icon
Hunter's Chest
TreasureRoll LuchadorTransparent God Icon
Colossal Chest
TreasureRoll SpringHolidayTransparent God Icon
Spring Holiday Chest
TreasureRoll MysteryTransparent God Icon
Oracle Chest
TreasureRoll LiberteTransparent God Icon
Liberté Chest
TreasureRoll Cloud9Transparent God Icon
Cloud9 Chest
TreasureRoll FnaticTransparent God Icon
Fnatic Chest
TreasureRoll TSMTransparent God Icon
Team SoloMid Chest
TreasureRoll TitanTransparent God Icon
Titan Chest
TreasureRoll AFKTransparent God Icon
AFK Chest
TreasureRoll DenialTransparent God Icon
Denial Chest
TreasureRoll DignitasTransparent God Icon
Dignitas Chest
TreasureRoll NepalEarthquakeReliefTransparent God Icon
Nepal Earthquake Relief Chest
TreasureRoll YetiTransparent God Icon
Yeti Chest
TreasureRoll MysteryTransparent God Icon
Spectacular Chest
TreasureRoll PirateTransparent God Icon
Pirate's Booty Chest
TreasureRoll EagerTransparent God Icon
Eager Chest
TreasureRoll EnemyTransparent God Icon
Enemy Chest
TreasureRoll EpsilonTransparent God Icon
Epsilon Chest
TreasureRoll LondonConspiracyTransparent God Icon
London Conspiracy Chest
TreasureRoll MusketeerTransparent God Icon
Musketeer Chest
TreasureRoll RagnorokTransparent God Icon
Ragnarok Chest
TreasureRoll OdysseyTransparent God Icon
Odyssey 2016 Chest
TreasureRoll InternationalTransparent God Icon
Fortune Chest
TreasureRoll BrazileSportsTransparent God Icon
Brazil eSports Chest
TreasureRoll LATAMeSportsTransparent God Icon
Latin American eSports Chest
TreasureRoll SAeSportsTransparent God Icon
South American eSports Chest
TreasureRoll DivineTransparent God Icon
Divine Chest
TreasureRoll NewYearTransparent God Icon
New Year's Chest
TreasureRoll NauticalTransparent God Icon
Deep Sea Chest
TreasureRoll NinjaTransparent God Icon
Martial Arts Chest
TreasureRoll MysteryTransparent God Icon
Sensational Chest
TreasureRoll BlueTransparent God Icon
Enigma Chest
TreasureRoll ValentineTransparent God Icon
Valentine's Chest

Season 3 chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll TopHatTransparent God Icon
Gentlemen's Chest
TreasureRoll RascalTransparent God Icon
Rascal Chest
TreasureRoll CommandoTransparent God Icon
Undying Chest
TreasureRoll PoliceTransparent God Icon
Above The Law Chest
TreasureRoll DragonTransparent God Icon
Adorable Chest
TreasureRoll PandaTransparent God Icon
Pandamonium Chest
TreasureRoll NewFrontierTransparent God Icon
Final Frontier Chest
TreasureRoll BladedTransparent God Icon
Warrior's Will Chest
TreasureRoll DigitalTransparent God Icon
Electro Lights Chest
TreasureRoll BeachTransparent God Icon
Summertime Chest
TreasureRoll VikingTransparent God Icon
Viking Chest
TreasureRoll WitchTransparent God Icon
Hocus Pocus Chest
TreasureRoll ST2016GoldTransparent God Icon
Big Event Chest
TreasureRoll FuturisticTransparent God Icon
Pedal to the Metal Chest
TreasureRoll GrimTransparent God Icon
Grim Chest
TreasureRoll MagicBookTransparent God Icon
Arcane Chest
TreasureRoll WoodsTransparent God Icon
Assassin's Chest
TreasureRoll GlowTransparent God Icon
Guardian Chest
TreasureRoll BunBunTransparent God Icon
Mid-Autumn Chest
TreasureRoll UnderseaTransparent God Icon
Odyssey's Greatest Hits Chest
TreasureRoll CutesyAvatarTransparent God Icon
Cutesy Avatar Chest
TreasureRoll OdysseyTransparent God Icon
Odyssey 2017 Chest
TreasureRoll EmoteTransparent God Icon
Emote Chest
TreasureRoll WarlordTransparent God Icon
Warlord Chest
TreasureRoll ST2016Transparent God Icon
Regular Season Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon MayaTransparent God Icon
Maya Pantheon Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon EgyptianTransparent God Icon
Egyptian Pantheon Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon NorseTransparent God Icon
Norse Pantheon Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon HinduTransparent God Icon
Hindu Pantheon Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon GreekTransparent God Icon
Greek Pantheon Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon RomanTransparent God Icon
Roman Pantheon Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon ChineseTransparent God Icon
Chinese Pantheon Chest
TreasureRoll SpectralTransparent God Icon
Blighted Chest
TreasureRoll EldritchBananasTransparent God Icon
Mystic Arco Chest

Season 4 chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll SuchCoolTransparent God Icon
Such Kawaii Chest
TreasureRoll FullMetalTransparent God Icon
Undying Chest 2017
TreasureRoll ScarletCourtTransparent God Icon
Scarlet Court Chest
TreasureRoll HeavensRaveTransparent God Icon
Remix Chest
TreasureRoll TwistedMetalTransparent God Icon
Gothic Chest
TreasureRoll AstralTransparent God Icon
Awesome Chest
TreasureRoll AmazonTransparent God Icon
Run the World Chest
TreasureRoll MysticTransparent God Icon
Astral Assassin Chest
TreasureRoll WardenTransparent God Icon
Warden's Chest
TreasureRoll GargoyleTransparent God Icon
Petrified Chest
TreasureRoll SimpleTransparent God Icon
Minor Chest
TreasureRoll SuperheroTransparent God Icon
Superhero Chest
TreasureRoll FlockTransparent God Icon
The Flock Chest
TreasureRoll Triumphant3Transparent God Icon
Champion's Chest
TreasureRoll Triumphant4Transparent God Icon
Godlike Chest
TreasureRoll VoidTransparent God Icon
The Void Chest
TreasureRoll MoonlightTransparent God Icon
Moonlight Chest
TreasureRoll ZenTransparent God Icon
Zen Chest
TreasureRoll OdysseyTransparent God Icon
Odyssey 2018 Chest
TreasureRoll ChivalryTransparent God Icon
Chivalry Chest
TreasureRoll AbyssTransparent God Icon
Abyssal Chest
TreasureRoll SuperMechTransparent God Icon
Super Mech Chest
TreasureRoll BubbleliciousTransparent God Icon
Bubble-licious Chest
TreasureRoll NaturesWrathTransparent God Icon
Nature's Wrath Chest

Season 5 chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll WinterAthleticsTransparent God Icon
Winter Athletics Chest
TreasureRoll KitsuneAdventureTransparent God Icon
Fox Chest
TreasureRoll HorrificTransparent God Icon
Horrific Chest
TreasureRoll PixelTransparent God Icon
Pixel Chest
TreasureRoll SMITEBirthdayTransparent God Icon
SMITE Birthday Chest
TreasureRoll SBSeason4Transparent God Icon
Season 4 Chest
TreasureRoll SBSeason3Transparent God Icon
Season 3 Chest
TreasureRoll SBSeason2Transparent God Icon
Season 2 Chest
TreasureRoll SBSeason1Transparent God Icon
Season 1 Chest
TreasureRoll SBOpenBetaTransparent God Icon
Open Beta Chest
TreasureRoll SBClosedBetaTransparent God Icon
Closed Beta Chest
TreasureRoll SBOGTransparent God Icon
Original Gangsta Chest
TreasureRoll CosmicTransparent God Icon
Cosmic Chest
TreasureRoll MegaMechTransparent God Icon
Mega Mech Chest
TreasureRoll WastelandTransparent God Icon
Wasteland Chest
TreasureRoll AngelDemonADVTransparent God Icon
Inner Demon Chest
TreasureRoll SuperKawaiiTransparent God Icon
Super Kawaii Chest
TreasureRoll ChibirifficTransparent God Icon
Chibiriffic Chest
TreasureRoll SlavicTransparent God Icon
Slavic Chest
TreasureRoll ElectroRaverTransparent God Icon
Electro Raver Chest
TreasureRoll VoodooTransparent God Icon
Voodoo Chest
TreasureRoll SmitetropolisTransparent God Icon
Smitetropolis Chest
TreasureRoll PrimalHunterTransparent God Icon
Primal Hunter Chest
TreasureRoll PolynesianTransparent God Icon
Polynesian Chest
TreasureRoll UltraMechTransparent God Icon
Ultra Mech Chest
TreasureRoll MasqueradeTransparent God Icon
Masquerade Chest
TreasureRoll OdysseyTransparent God Icon
Hera's Odyssey Chest
TreasureRoll VoicePackTransparent God Icon
Voice Pack Chest
TreasureRoll CelestialDominationTransparent God Icon
Celestial Domination Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon JapaneseTransparent God Icon
Japanese Pantheon Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon AllianceTransparent God Icon
Alliance Pantheons Chest
TreasureRoll FieryTransparent God Icon
Fiery Chest
TreasureRoll SanguineTransparent God Icon
Sanguine Chest
TreasureRoll DraconicTransparent God Icon
Draconic Chest
TreasureRoll RetrowaveTransparent God Icon
Retrowave Chest

Season 6 chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll SummerHitsTransparent God Icon
Summer Hits Chest
TreasureRoll BirdsOfPreyTransparent God Icon
Birds of Prey Chest
TreasureRoll FromTheDepthsTransparent God Icon
From the Depths Chest
TreasureRoll CuteButDeadlyTransparent God Icon
Cute But Deadly Chest
Usurper-ChestTransparent God Icon
Usurper Chest
TreasureRoll FairytaleTransparent God Icon
Fairytale Chest
TreasureRoll ChibiBonanzaTransparent God Icon
Chibi Bonanza Chest
Extraterrestrial-ChestTransparent God Icon
Extraterrestrial Chest
Rightful-Heir-ChestTransparent God Icon
Rightful Heir Chest
Plushie-Friends-ChestTransparent God Icon
Plushie Friends Chest
Biohacker-ChestTransparent God Icon
Biohacker Chest
Vigilante ChestTransparent God Icon
Vigilante Chest
TreasureRoll GreatTenguTransparent God Icon
Great Tengu Chest
TreasureRoll HeavenlyRulerTransparent God Icon
Heavenly Ruler Chest
TreasureRoll WarTransparent God Icon
Battleworn Chest
TreasureRoll EarthTransparent God Icon
Earth Chest
TreasureRoll FireElementalTransparent God Icon
Fire Chest
TreasureRoll MetalTransparent God Icon
Metal Chest
TreasureRoll AirTransparent God Icon
Air Chest
TreasureRoll WaterTransparent God Icon
Water Chest
TreasureRoll HeartTransparent God Icon
Heart Chest
TreasureRoll HyperdriveTransparent God Icon
Hyperdrive Chest
TreasureRoll CalaveraTransparent God Icon
Calavera Chest
TreasureRoll SpookySquadTransparent God Icon
Spooky Squad Chest
TreasureRoll OdysseyUnderworldTransparent God Icon
Underworld Odyssey Chest
TreasureRoll VaporWaveTransparent God Icon
Retro Rex Chest
TreasureRoll WinterWonderlandTransparent God Icon
Winter Wonderland Chest
TreasureRoll CursedPharaohTransparent God Icon
Cursed Pharaoh Chest
TreasureRoll HiRezStewTransparent God Icon
Hi-Rez Stew Chest
TreasureRoll TitanTravisTransparent God Icon
Titan Travis Chest
TreasureRoll TitanAjaxTransparent God Icon
Titan Ajax Chest
TreasureRoll HiRezKillgoonTransparent God Icon
Hi-Rez Killgoon Chest
TreasureRoll TitanClumzyTransparent God Icon
Titan Clumzy Chest
TreasureRoll TitanTinaTransparent God Icon
Titan Tina Chest
TreasureRoll TitanIsiahTransparent God Icon
Titan Isiah Chest
TreasureRoll TitanPonPonTransparent God Icon
Titan PonPon Chest
TreasureRoll DeepDarkTransparent God Icon
Deep and Dark Chest
TreasureRoll ToxicWasteTransparent God Icon
Toxic Waste Chest
TreasureRoll ShadowSpecterTransparent God Icon
Shadow Specter Chest
TreasureRoll LostSoulsTransparent God Icon
Lost Souls Chest

Season 7 chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll EnchantedTransparent God Icon
Enchanted Chest
TreasureRoll VictoryTransparent God Icon
Victory Chest
TreasureRoll EasyFreezyTransparent God Icon
Easy Freezy Chest
TreasureRoll FunPocalypseTransparent God Icon
Fun-pocalypse Chest
TreasureRoll SBSeason5Transparent God Icon
Season 5 Chest
TreasureRoll GrimOmens1Transparent God Icon
Mysterious Forest Chest
TreasureRoll GhostmancerTransparent God Icon
Ghostmancer Chest
TreasureRoll RedBullRecordsMusicTransparent God Icon
Red Bull Records Music Chest
TreasureRoll CrossoverTransparent God Icon
Crossover Chest
TreasureRoll SwordHeroTransparent God Icon
Sword Hero Chest
TreasureRoll ShadowSpiritTransparent God Icon
Shadow Spirit Chest
TreasureRoll GrimOmens2Transparent God Icon
The Witch's Hut Chest
TreasureRoll FaeMantisTransparent God Icon
Fae Mantis Chest
TreasureRoll SteambuzzTransparent God Icon
Steambuzz Chest
TreasureRoll GrimOmens3Transparent God Icon
The Deep Abyss Chest
TreasureRoll GalaxyHeroTransparent God Icon
Galaxy Hero Chest
TreasureRoll BattleAvatarTransparent God Icon
Battle Avatar Chest
TreasureRoll BattleCosmeticTransparent God Icon
Battle Cosmetic Chest
TreasureRoll BattleEmoteTransparent God Icon
Battle Emote Chest
TreasureRoll BattleSkinsTransparent God Icon
Battle Skins Chest
TreasureRoll BattleVoicePackTransparent God Icon
Battle Voice Pack Chest
TreasureRoll SummerBashTransparent God Icon
Summer Bash Chest
TreasureRoll GrimOmens4Transparent God Icon
The Dreamer Chest
TreasureRoll 1000FathomsTransparent God Icon
1000 Fathoms Chest
TreasureRoll GalaxyVortexTransparent God Icon
Galaxy Vortex Chest
TreasureRoll MightyFantasyTransparent God Icon
Mighty Fantasy Chest
TreasureRoll CosmeticAnnouncerTransparent God Icon
Announcer Pack Chest
TreasureRoll CosmeticAvatarTransparent God Icon
Avatar Chest
TreasureRoll CosmeticEmoteTransparent God Icon
Global Emote Chest
TreasureRoll CosmeticWardTransparent God Icon
Ward Chest
TreasureRoll TwistedJokeTransparent God Icon
Twisted Joke Chest
TreasureRoll DeadnautTransparent God Icon
Deadnaut Chest
TreasureRoll CospreyTransparent God Icon
Cosprey Chest
TreasureRoll Rav3nTransparent God Icon
Rav3n Chest
TreasureRoll DreamweaverTransparent God Icon
Dreamweaver Chest
TreasureRoll CybertechTransparent God Icon
Cybertech Chest
TreasureRoll OdysseyReckoningTransparent God Icon
Odyssey: Reckoning Chest
TreasureRoll FightingMachineTransparent God Icon
Fighting Machine Chest
TreasureRoll SlimeyBlobTransparent God Icon
Slimey Blob Chest
TreasureRoll FantasyTransparent God Icon
Fantasy Chest
TreasureRoll Halloween2020Transparent God Icon
Halloween Chest
TreasureRoll AquaticRevengeTransparent God Icon
Aquatic Revenge Chest
TreasureRoll RadicalTransparent God Icon
Radical Chest
TreasureRoll MysticShamanTransparent God Icon
Mystic Shaman Chest
TreasureRoll RighteousPaladinTransparent God Icon
Righteous Paladin Chest
TreasureRoll CheerfulTransparent God Icon
Cheerful Chest
TreasureRoll GloomyTransparent God Icon
Gloomy Chest
TreasureRoll MetalDemonTransparent God Icon
Metal Demon Chest
TreasureRoll RetroSpaceTransparent God Icon
Retro Space Chest
TreasureRoll SillyTransparent God Icon
Silly Chest
TreasureRoll SeriousTransparent God Icon
Serious Chest
TreasureRoll AngryTransparent God Icon
Angry Chest
TreasureRoll ChillTransparent God Icon
Chill Chest
TreasureRoll FighterBeastTransparent God Icon
Fighter Beast Chest
TreasureRoll BrokenAndroidTransparent God Icon
Broken Android Chest

Season 8 chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll DragonSlayerTransparent God Icon
Dragon Slayer Chest
TreasureRoll DystopianTransparent God Icon
Dystopian Chest
TreasureRoll CritterTransparent God Icon
Critter Chest
TreasureRoll TalonsOfTyrannyTransparent God Icon
Talons of Tyranny Chest
TreasureRoll SandDunesTransparent God Icon
Sand Dunes Chest
TreasureRoll Season6Transparent God Icon
Season 6 Chest
TreasureRoll PlushiemaxTransparent God Icon
Plushiemax Chest
TreasureRoll QueenBeeTransparent God Icon
Queen Bee Chest
TreasureRoll BabylonianKingTransparent God Icon
Babylonian King Chest
TreasureRoll GroovyTransparent God Icon
Groovy Chest
TreasureRoll MysticalTransparent God Icon
Mystical Chest
TreasureRoll OuterPlanetsTransparent God Icon
Outer Planets Chest
TreasureRoll DarkMagicTransparent God Icon
Dark Magic Chest
TreasureRoll AntiheroTransparent God Icon
Antihero Chest
TreasureRoll GravemakerTransparent God Icon
Gravemaker Chest
TreasureRoll IndependenceTransparent God Icon
Independence Chest Season 8
TreasureRoll DarknessTransparent God Icon
Queen of Darkness Chest
TreasureRoll OniHunterTransparent God Icon
Oni Hunter Chest
TreasureRoll SteelFalconTransparent God Icon
Steel Falcon Chest
TreasureRoll BrunchTimeTransparent God Icon
Brunch Time Chest
TreasureRoll SenseiTransparent God Icon
Sensei Chest
TreasureRoll FromTheShadowsTransparent God Icon
From the Shadows Chest
TreasureRoll SpaceCrusaderTransparent God Icon
Space Crusader Chest
TreasureRoll SakuraTransparent God Icon
Sakura Chest
TreasureRoll OdysseyS8Transparent God Icon
Odyssey: Perilous Seas Chest
TreasureRoll DeathsDoorTransparent God Icon
Death's Door Chest
TreasureRoll NeonTransparent God Icon
Neon Chest
TreasureRoll ToxicTideTransparent God Icon
Toxic Tide Chest
TreasureRoll JurassicTransparent God Icon
Jurassic Chest
TreasureRoll ChosenOneTransparent God Icon
Chosen One Chest
TreasureRoll OceanicTransparent God Icon
Oceanic Chest
TreasureRoll Gl1tchTransparent God Icon
Gl1tch Chest
TreasureRoll ShmexyTransparent God Icon
Shmexy Chest
TreasureRoll CrimsonAuthorityTransparent God Icon
Crimson Authority Chest
TreasureRoll ShieldGuardianTransparent God Icon
Shield Guardian Chest
TreasureRoll HoloHaloTransparent God Icon
Holo Halo Chest
TreasureRoll NoxiousTransparent God Icon
Noxious Chest
TreasureRoll VoidChestTransparent God Icon
Dark Void Chest
TreasureRoll StingpunkTransparent God Icon
Stingpunk Chest
TreasureRoll ShiningChivalryTransparent God Icon
Shining Chivalry Chest

Season 9 Chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll ColossusTransparent God Icon
Colossus Chest
TreasureRoll SlashTransparent God Icon
Slash Chest
TreasureRoll HotDiggityTransparent God Icon
Hot Diggity Chest
TreasureRoll LumiTransparent God Icon
Lumi Chest
TreasureRoll MysticMoonTransparent God Icon
Mystic Moon Chest
TreasureRoll PickYourOwnBoosterTransparent God Icon
Pick Your Own Booster Chest
TreasureRoll PickYourOwnGodTransparent God Icon
Pick Your Own God Chest
TreasureRoll HauntedKingTransparent God Icon
Haunted King Chest
TreasureRoll KenshiTransparent God Icon
Kenshi Chest
TreasureRoll SBSeason7Transparent God Icon
Season 7 Chest
TreasureRoll HeavenlyLightTransparent God Icon
Heavenly Light Chest
TreasureRoll ImperialTransparent God Icon
Imperial Chest
TreasureRoll CrimsonBeastTransparent God Icon
Crimson Beast Chest
TreasureRoll DireOmenTransparent God Icon
Dire Omen Chest
TreasureRoll GlitcherTransparent God Icon
Glitcher Chest
TreasureRoll JadeHeavenTransparent God Icon
Jade Heaven Chest
TreasureRoll CowabungaTransparent God Icon
Cowabunga Chest
TreasureRoll GroovyTransparent God Icon
Psychedelic Chest
TreasureRoll OldOnesTransparent God Icon
Old Ones Chest
TreasureRoll CostumeTransparent God Icon
Costume Chest
TreasureRoll MemeTransparent God Icon
Meme Chest
TreasureRoll PickYourOwnBattlePassCosmeticTransparent God Icon
Battle Pass Cosmetics Chest
TreasureRoll PickYourOwnBattlePassSkinTransparent God Icon
Battle Pass Skins Chest
TreasureRoll SlipknotTransparent God Icon
Slipknot Chest
TreasureRoll ValiantKnightTransparent God Icon
Valiant Knight Chest
TreasureRoll SMITENIGHTSkinsTransparent God Icon
TreasureRoll SMITENIGHTAvatarTransparent God Icon
SMITE NIGHT Avatar Chest
TreasureRoll SeaBeingTransparent God Icon
Sea Being Chest
TreasureRoll SMITENIGHTCosmeticTransparent God Icon
SMITE NIGHT Cosmetic Chest
TreasureRoll SMITENIGHTEmoteTransparent God Icon
TreasureRoll SMITENIGHTVoicePackTransparent God Icon
SMITE NIGHT Voice Pack Chest
TreasureRoll ChivalrousKnightTransparent God Icon
Chivalrous Knight Chest
TreasureRoll NightmodeTransparent God Icon
Nightmode Chest
TreasureRoll ReconTransparent God Icon
Recon Chest
TreasureRoll ContaminatedTransparent God Icon
Contaminated Chest
TreasureRoll BusyBeeTransparent God Icon
Busy Bee Chest
TreasureRoll HereafterTransparent God Icon
Hereafter Chest
TreasureRoll FishbowlTransparent God Icon
Fishbowl Chest
TreasureRoll SpiritShamanTransparent God Icon
Spirit Shaman Chest
TreasureRoll Down 2 ClownTransparent God Icon
Down 2 Clown Chest
TreasureRoll Odyssey Soaring IslesTransparent God Icon
Odyssey: Soaring Isles Chest
TreasureRoll Odyssey CosmeticsTransparent God Icon
Odyssey Cosmetics Chest
TreasureRoll LifeformTransparent God Icon
Lifeform Chest
TreasureRoll FrostbiteTransparent God Icon
Frostbite Chest
TreasureRoll AvatarTransparent God Icon
Avatar (TLA) Chest
TreasureRoll NightmaresTransparent God Icon
Nightmares Chest
TreasureRoll Taco TimeTransparent God Icon
Taco Time Chest
TreasureRoll Royal SuitTransparent God Icon
Royal Suit Chest
TreasureRoll RWBYTransparent God Icon
RWBY Chest
TreasureRoll StarterTransparent God Icon
Starter Chest
TreasureRoll RuneScapeTransparent God Icon
RuneScape Chest
TreasureRoll TransformersTransparent God Icon
Transformers Chest
TreasureRoll Hot DevilTransparent God Icon
Hot Devil Chest
TreasureRoll Bit FortuneTransparent God Icon
Bit Fortune Chest
TreasureRoll NidhoggrTransparent God Icon
Nidhoggr Chest
TreasureRoll MonstercatTransparent God Icon
Monstercat Chest
TreasureRoll Music ThemeTransparent God Icon
Music Theme Chest
TreasureRoll Team GeckoTransparent God Icon
Team Gecko Chest
TreasureRoll Year10CelebrationTransparent God Icon
Miraculous Chest
TreasureRoll Truth HammerTransparent God Icon
Truth Hammer Chest

Season 10 Chests[ | ]

TreasureRoll DentonTransparent God Icon
Denton Chest
TreasureRoll Magic the GatheringTransparent God Icon
Magic: The Gathering Chest
TreasureRoll Ice WraithTransparent God Icon
Ice Wraith Chest
TreasureRoll PoshTransparent God Icon
Posh Chest
TreasureRoll NickelodeonTransparent God Icon
Nickelodeon Chest
TreasureRoll Touch of EvilTransparent God Icon
Touch of Evil Chest
TreasureRoll Fit CheckTransparent God Icon
Fit Check Chest
TreasureRoll Season 8Transparent God Icon
Season 8 Chest
TreasureRoll Season of HopeTransparent God Icon
Season of Hope Chest
TreasureRoll HopeTransparent God Icon
Hope Chest
TreasureRoll Oops All NeithTransparent God Icon
Oops all Neith Chest
TreasureRoll DreamTransparent God Icon
Dream Chest
TreasureRoll Baked BeansTransparent God Icon
Baked Beans Chest
TreasureRoll G.I. JoeTransparent God Icon
G.I. Joe Chest
TreasureRoll Zoo CrateTransparent God Icon
Zoo Crate Chest
TreasureRoll Witch SlayerTransparent God Icon
Witch Slayer Chest
TreasureRoll VSHOJO ChestTransparent God Icon
TreasureRoll Aspire ChestTransparent God Icon
Aspire Chest
TreasureRoll 2Hot4U ChestTransparent God Icon
2 Hot 4 U Chest
TreasureRoll GameOn ChestTransparent God Icon
Game On Chest
TreasureRoll Monsters ChestTransparent God Icon
Monsters! Chest
T SeasonOfSouls ChestTransparent God Icon
Season of Souls Chest
T Colorful ChestTransparent God Icon
ColorForge Bonus Chest
T Chaotic ChestTransparent God Icon
Chaotic Chest
T Evil ChestTransparent God Icon
Evil Chest
T Good ChestTransparent God Icon
Good Chest
T Lawful ChestTransparent God Icon
Lawful Chest
TreasureRoll Arachne ChestTransparent God Icon
Arachne Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Ares ChestTransparent God Icon
Ares Collection Chest
TreasureRoll DaJi ChestTransparent God Icon
Da Ji Collection Chest
TreasureRoll HouYi ChestTransparent God Icon
Hou Yi Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Izanami ChestTransparent God Icon
Izanami Collection Chest
TreasureRoll NuWa ChestTransparent God Icon
Nu Wa Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Odin ChestTransparent God Icon
Odin Collection Chest
TreasureRoll SunWukong ChestTransparent God Icon
Sun Wukong Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Ymir ChestTransparent God Icon
Ymir Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Zeus ChestTransparent God Icon
Zeus Collection Chest
T RolePlay ChestTransparent God Icon
Role Playing Chest
TreasureRoll CharonsJourney ChestTransparent God Icon
Charon's Journey Chest
TreasureRoll DarknessFalls ChestTransparent God Icon
Darkness Falls Chest
TreasureRoll Camazotz ChestTransparent God Icon
Camazotz Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Geb ChestTransparent God Icon
Geb Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Janus ChestTransparent God Icon
Janus Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Rama ChestTransparent God Icon
Rama Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Vamana ChestTransparent God Icon
Vamana Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Ninja'sHideoutTransparent God Icon
Ninja's Hideout Chest
TreasureRoll AhPuch ChestTransparent God Icon
Ah Puch Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Chiron ChestTransparent God Icon
Chiron Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Khepri ChestTransparent God Icon
Khepri Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Nemesis ChestTransparent God Icon
Nemesis Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Osiris ChestTransparent God Icon
Osiris Collection Chest
TreasureRoll FunguyTransparent God Icon
Funguy Chest
TreasureRoll Nightmare FuelTransparent God Icon
Nightmare Fuel Chest
TreasureRoll Aphrodite CollectionTransparent God Icon
Aphrodite Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Artemis CollectionTransparent God Icon
Artemis Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Bacchus CollectionTransparent God Icon
Bacchus Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Hercules CollectionTransparent God Icon
Hercules Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Kali CollectionTransparent God Icon
Kali Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Season of CelebrationTransparent God Icon
Season of Celebration Chest
TreasureRoll Odyssey SkinsTransparent God Icon
Odyssey Skins Chest
TreasureRoll Amaterasu CollectionTransparent God Icon
Amaterasu Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Awilix CollectionTransparent God Icon
Awilix Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Cerberus CollectionTransparent God Icon
Cerberus Collection Chest
TreasureRoll He Bo CollectionTransparent God Icon
He Bo Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Xbalanque CollectionTransparent God Icon
Xbalanque Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Bastet CollectionTransparent God Icon
Bastet Collection Chest
TreasureRoll HadesTransparent God Icon
Hades Collection Chest
TreasureRoll King Arthur CollectionTransparent God Icon
King Arthur Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Jormungandr CollectionTransparent God Icon
Jormungandr Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Skadi CollectionTransparent God Icon
Skadi Collection Chest
TreasureRoll FinalBossTransparent God Icon
Final Boss Chest
TreasureRoll FestivalOfSpiritsTransparent God Icon
Festival of Spirits Chest
TreasureRoll AhMuzenCabTransparent God Icon
Ah Muzen Cab Collection Chest
TreasureRoll AthenaTransparent God Icon
Athena Collection Chest
TreasureRoll CuChulainnTransparent God Icon
Cu Chulainn Collection Chest
TreasureRoll DiscordiaTransparent God Icon
Discordia Collection Chest
TreasureRoll MercuryTransparent God Icon
Mercury Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Bellona CollectionTransparent God Icon
Bellona Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Cupid CollectionTransparent God Icon
Cupid Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Kukulkan CollectionTransparent God Icon
Kukulkan Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Serqet CollectionTransparent God Icon
Serqet Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Terra CollectionTransparent God Icon
Terra Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Mr. CosmicTransparent God Icon
Mr. Cosmic Chest
TreasureRoll Dark TimesTransparent God Icon
Dark Times Chest
TreasureRoll Artio CollectionTransparent God Icon
Artio Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Ghernobog CollectionTransparent God Icon
Chernobog Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Loki CollectionTransparent God Icon
Loki Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Ra CollectionTransparent God Icon
Ra Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Tyr CollectionTransparent God Icon
Tyr Collection Chest
TreasureRoll SeasonOfWorldsBonusTransparent God Icon
Season of Worlds Chest
TreasureRoll ESportsTransparent God Icon
ESports Chest
TreasureRoll Chaac CollectionTransparent God Icon
Chaac Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Fenrir CollectionTransparent God Icon
Fenrir Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Kumbhakarna CollectionTransparent God Icon
Kumbhakarna Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Sol CollectionTransparent God Icon
Sol Collection Chest
TreasureRoll Ullr CollectionTransparent God Icon
Ullr Collection Chest
TreasureRoll EnergyPunkTransparent God Icon
Energy Punk Chest

Removed treasure chests[ | ]

These chests are no longer obtainable or replaced with other ones. Generally, if a player owned one or more of these chests they'll still be able to use their chest rolls from the rewards center.

TreasureRoll ClanChest 1Transparent God Icon
Clan Chest 1
TreasureRoll ClanChest 2Transparent God Icon
Clan Chest 2
TreasureRoll ClanChest 3Transparent God Icon
Clan Chest 3
TreasureRoll ClanChest 4Transparent God Icon
Clan Chest 4
TreasureRoll ClanChest 5Transparent God Icon
Clan Chest 5
TreasureRoll FACEITTransparent God Icon
TreasureRoll RazerBronzeTransparent God Icon
Razer Bronze Chest
TreasureRoll RazerGoldTransparent God Icon
Razer Gold Chest
TreasureRoll RazerSilverTransparent God Icon
Razer Silver Chest
TreasureRoll MixerBlueTransparent God Icon
Blue Mixer Chest
TreasureRoll MixerWhiteTransparent God Icon
White Mixer Chest
TreasureRoll Triumphant2Transparent God Icon
Hero's Chest
TreasureRoll Triumphant1Transparent God Icon
Winner's Chest
TreasureRoll ToyboxTransparent God Icon
Winter Holiday Chest
TreasureRoll BattleTransparent God Icon
Battle Chest
TreasureRoll HalloweenTransparent God Icon
Halloween Chest
TreasureRoll FreedomTransparent God Icon
Independence Chest (Original)

Unreleased treasure chests[ | ]

These chests were planned to be released but for one reason or another ended up being cancelled.

TreasureRoll TrigTransparent God Icon
TRIG Chest
TreasureRoll CurseTransparent God Icon
Curse Chest
TreasureRoll CrystallineTransparent God Icon
Crystalline Chest