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Trials of King Hercules was a dungeon crawler game mode and the third of the Adventures in SMITE. It was available between June 6, 2017 and July 18, 2017.

Additional information can be found here: Trials of King Hercules promo site.

Description[ | ]


Complete The Trials of Hercules[ | ]

King Hercules has summoned you to cleanse the lands of evil! Join forces with two of your fellow Gods and journey to the town of Hercopolis for an RPG-style dungeon crawl. Complete quests, defeat bosses, and gain power to defeat the ultimate foe: The Hydra.

Welcome to Hercopolis![ | ]

Dungeon TownLayout

Even the greatest heroes need help. Visit the four boroughs of Hercopolis to earn favor from the townsfolk... and their assistance in your future battles. Complete all the quests in each part of town to progress and unlock rewards like Chest Rolls! You can unlock even greater rewards, more assistance from the townsfolk, and up to 100 Gems with your Dungeon Adventure Bundle!

Game Rules[ | ]

The Trials of King Hercules is a Dungeon instance for 3 players. Obtain quests from the Town Hall screen and journey into the trial to face monsters and gain loot!

  • 3 Players
  • Start the game at level 20
  • Your armory of items will initially be empty

Gods[ | ]

Pick from 70+ Gods as you take on the Trials of King Hercules. Don't worry if you don't like your first choice; your progress will be saved, and any items you unlock will be available for you to equip on any God you choose.

Armory[ | ]

When you first enter the Dungeon you will not have any items in your Armory. As you play through and break open chests guarded by monsters and Bosses, you will obtain new loot.

  • Break open Chests and kill bosses to obtain new loot
  • Your loot will stay with you through each Dungeon run!
  • You can equip any item you want but are still restricted to 6 items in total!

Gameplay[ | ]

There are two game modes: Normal and Hard. You can only unlock and play Hard once you have completed all quests for the Church Sector.

  • Reach graveyard checkpoints for teammates to respawn at.
  • Be careful of dying! The more you die in one run, the harder the dungeon will be.
  • Teammates will respawn after finishing combat
  • If all members of a party are down at the same time it's Game Over!
  • Defeat all the bosses and Victory is yours, and all the shiny loot too!

Hercopolis sectors[ | ]

Stay awhile and listen

There are 4 main sectors in the town each in need of help. Each of the sectors provides a different quest line, each with its own rewards, and offers unique services.

  • Town's Favor
Purchasing the Dungeon Bundle earns the Town's Favor.
  • Blacksmith services are discounted 50%!
  • Grants access to the Church, Treasury and Castle services when the sector is unlocked.
  • Quests
  • Complete quests to earn rewards.
  • Finishing the quests in a sector unlocks the next sector.
  • Completing all of the Church quests will unlock Hard Mode.
  • Services
When a new sector of the town is unlocked, new services are available in that sector.
  • Blacksmith
  • Exchange your gold for item rolls.
  • All players have access to the Blacksmith.
Once the player has earned the Town's Favor, the remaining town services will become available when the sector is unlocked.
  • Church
  • Exchange your gold for powerful blessings.
  • Treasury
  • Sell your diamonds and rubies for gems and gold!
  • Castle
  • Turn in your Hydra Scales for chest rewards, including an Awesome Chest!

Blacksmith[ | ]

Dungeon Town Buildings Blacksmith

Complete Quests for the Blacksmith to obtain the ability to spend gold for Item rolls.

Quests[ | ]

Dungeon Icons Blacksmith Blasted monsters everywhere, they plague the entire jungle! Kill a few of those monsters and bring back a pelt or talon, would ya?
Quest: Kill 10 Boards or Harpies
Reward: Uncommon Item Roll
Dungeon Icons Blacksmith You spotted a town invaded with Cyclops? How incedibly odd. Slip inside and make sure they are of no threat to us.
Quest: Survive the Cyclops Onslaught
Reward: 1 Diamond Diamond
Dungeon Icons Blacksmith You could smell the stench of the great boar from here. Defeat the giant hog and bring us back some tasty ribs!
Quest: Defeat the Erymanthian Boar
Reward: 1500 Gold Gold

Services[ | ]

Dungeon Icons Services
Uncommon Item (0/28): Spend 1000 Gold for a random Uncommon Item
Cost: 2000 / 1000 Gold Gold
Dungeon Icons Services
Rare Item (0/49): Spend 1500 Gold for a random Rare Item
Cost: 3000 / 1500 Gold Gold
Dungeon Icons Services
Epic Item (0/89): Spend 3000 Gold for a random Epic Item
Cost: 6000 / 3000 Gold Gold

Church[ | ]

Dungeon Town Buildings Church

Help the Church and gain blessings that will make your next dungeon run easier.

Quests[ | ]

Dungeon Icons Church This will not do. The monsters get larger and more fierce! dispatch them in the name of the Gods!
Quest: Vanquish 15 Elite Mosnters
Reward: Rare Item Roll
Dungeon Icons Church Head to the deepest darkest area of the cave. Believe in the Sun Gods and bring light to the darkness.
Quest: Make it through the Cave of Despair
Reward: 2500 Gold Gold
Dungeon Icons Church Many villagers have fallen to the appetite of the Nemean Lion. Defeat the beast and save our people!
Quest: Defeat the Nemean Lion
Reward: 1 Booster Icon On Booster (3 days)

Services[ | ]

Dungeon Icons Services
Dungeon Blessing Might Blessing of Might: Obtain a 40% Damage increase buff for your next dungeon run!
Cost: 850 Gold Gold
Dungeon Icons Services
Dungeon Blessing Protection Blessing of Protection: Obtain a 40% Damage Reduction buff for your next dungeon run!
Cost: 1250 Gold Gold
Dungeon Icons Services
Dungeon Blessing Freedom Blessing of Freedom: Obtain a 20% Movement Speed buff for your next dungeon run!
Cost: 800 Gold Gold

Treasury[ | ]

Dungeon Town Buildings Treasury

Fill the treasury coffers to exchange shiny loot for... other shiny loot!

Quests[ | ]

Dungeon Icons Treasury More adventurers come to our town and yet our coffers are depleting! I hear the monsters tend to hoard some treasure, maybe we could "acquire" some.
Quest: Loot 5 chests
Reward: 1 Diamond Diamond
Dungeon Icons Treasury They always say the stronger the monster the greater the loot. Defeat the giant mosnters and get their giant loot!
Quest: Loot 2 Boss chests
Reward: 2 Ruby Ruby
Dungeon Icons Treasury Past the jungle, the mighty jungle there is a deep cave. No one has ever made it out but there are stories of spectacular treasures that lie beyond.
Quest: Reach the Swamp
Reward: 2000 Favor Favor

Services[ | ]

Dungeon Icons Services
Gems 10 Smite Gems! (0/10): 1 Diamond for 10 Smite Gems! - Redeemable 10 times
Cost: 1 Diamond Diamond
Dungeon Icons Services
Gold 3000 Gold: Cash in your Ruby for 3000 gold. Spend Wisely!
Cost: 1 Ruby Ruby
Dungeon Icons Services
Gems 10 Diamonds for 1 Gem? (0/10): Psst! I heard you have Diamonds you are looking to get rid of...
Cost: 10 Diamond Diamond

Castle[ | ]

Dungeon Town Buildings Castle

Prove you are the best of the best and obtain Chests from Hercules himself.

Quests[ | ]

Dungeon Icons Castle Well done on getting this far but you still have a lot to learn. Show me your blade has not gotten rusty.
Quest: Defeat 200 monsters
Reward: Epic Item Roll
Dungeon Icons Castle I have a bone to pick with the undead. They just never learn when to stop getting back up.
Quest: Vanquish 20 undead minions
Reward: 1 Booster Icon On Booster (3 days)
Dungeon Icons Castle So it seems the venomous Hydra has returned and right next to my town. Absolutely not. Drive the beast back once more!
Quest: Defeat the Lernaean Hydra
Reward: 1 TreasureRoll Blue Enigma Chest

Services[ | ]

Dungeon Icons Services
TreasureRoll Astral Awesome Chest (0/1): Obtain an Awesome Chest - Redeemable Once
Cost: 1 Hydra Scales Hydra Scales
Dungeon Icons Services
TreasureRoll Blue Enigma Chest (0/2): Obtain an Enigma Chest - Redeemable Twice
Cost: 1 Hydra Scales Hydra Scales
Dungeon Icons Services
TreasureRoll Simple Minor Chest: Obtain a Minor Chest
Cost: 1 Hydra Scales Hydra Scales

Dungeon Bundle[ | ]

Rejoice and save with this great bundle! Included is the Hercules Vanguard skin, a Dungeon Jump stamp and a Gold Key - Your ticket to a new Limited Skin from the Gold Vault. This bundle costed 900 Gems while the Trials of King Hercules was available.

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Behind the Scenes[ | ]