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Viking Chest
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Release Date: May 24, 2016

The Viking Chest is one of the treasure chests in SMITE.


This chest contains a guaranteed Norse God Skin.


Lord Slashington III Fenrir All For One! Freya Pixel Buster Freya Grim Mariachi Loki Ragnatoskr Ratatoskr Epsolon Sol Irezumir Ymir Nuclear Winter Ymir


Frostfang Fenrir Metal Carnage Fenrir Frost Maiden Freya Northern Lights Freya Valkyrie Freya Solstice Hel Sugar and Spice Hel Infiltrator Loki Ssslither Loki DaimyOdin Odin Mountain Man Odin The Huntsman Odin Armored Scurrier Ratatoskr Flurry Ratatoskr Winter's Wrath Skadi Polaris Sol Supernova Sol Blood Eagle Thor Heavy Metal Thor Righteous Hammer Thor Wrath of Valhalla Thor Dark Judgement Tyr King Ar-Tyr Tyr PrivaTyr Tyr Strider Ullr The Survivor Ullr Digi-MIR 9000 Ymir Obsidian Shard Ymir