VGS is a simple, yet quick way to communicate with your team. The player can enter a number of voice commands, from strategic commands, to cheering or greeting each other.

V A Attack
V A A Attack! Attack!
V A 1 Left Attack left lane!
V A 2 Middle Attack middle lane!
V A 3 Right Attack right lane!
V A F Fire Giant Attack Fire Giant!
V A M Titan Attack the Titan!
V A G Gold Fury Attack the Gold Fury!
V D Defend
V D D Defend! Defend!
V D 1 Left Defend left lane!
V D 2 Middle Defend middle lane!
V D 3 Right Defend right lane!
V D M Titan Defend the Titan!
V G Gank
V G G Gank! Gank!
V G 1 Left Gank left lane!
V G 2 Middle Gank middle lane!
V G 3 Right Gank right line!
V F F MIA! Enemy missing!
V F 1 Left Enemy missing left!
V F 2 Middle Enemy missing middle!
V F 3 Right Enemy missing right!
V R Retreat
V R R Retreat! Retreat!
V R 1 Left Retreat left lane!
V R 2 Middle Retreat middle lane!
V R 3 Right Retreat right lane!
V E Emote
V E J Joke <plays joke>
V E L Laugh <plays laugh>
V E T Taunt! <plays emote>
V T Returned
V T T Returned! Enemies have returned!
V T 1 Left Enemies have returned left!
V T 2 Middle Enemies have returned middle!
V T 3 Right Enemies have returned right!
V I Incoming
V I I Incoming! Enemies incoming!
V I 1 Left Enemies incoming left!
V I 2 Middle Enemies incoming middle!
V I 3 Right Enemies incoming right!
V V Other
V V B BRB Be right back!
V V K AFK Stepping away for a moment.
V V T Thanks! Thanks!
V V A Ok! Ok!
V V X Cancel that! Cancel that!
V V Y Yes Yes!
V V N No No!
V V S Sorry Sorry!
V V W Wait Wait!
V V G General
V V G B Bye.
V V G G Good game!
V V G L Good luck.
V V G Q Quiet.
V V G H Hi.
V V G M Out of mana.
V V G N Nice job!
V V G O Oops!
V V G T That's too bad!
V V G W You're welcome.
V V G S Curses!
V V V Position
V V V B Behind us.
V V V F Follow me.
V V V S Stay here.
V V V T It's a trap!
V V V G Group up.
V V V E On my way.
V V V R Ultimate is ready!
V V V D Ultimate is down!
V V V J Going into the jungle.
V H Help
V H H Help! Help!
V H 1 Left Help left lane!
V H 2 Middle Help middle lane!
V H 3 Right Help right lane!
V C Careful
V C C Careful Be careful!
V C 1 Left Be careful left!
V C 2 Middle Be careful middle!
V C 3 Right Be careful right!

[VBJJ] Enemies in the jungle!

[VBJ1] Enemies in the left Jungle!

[VBJ3] Enemies in the right Jungle!

[VBA] Enemy Ultimate Incoming!

[VBD] Enemy Ultimate Down!

[VRJ] Retreat from the Jungle!

[VRS] Save yourself!

[VVP] Please?

[VVGF] Have Fun!

[VVVW] Place a Ward for Teleport.

[VVVX] Spread Out!

[VVVP] Split Push!

[VQQ] Ward Here.

[VQN] We need Wards.

[VQF] Ward Fire Giant.

[VQG] Ward Gold Fury.

[VQ1] Ward Left.

[VQ2] Ward Middle.

[VQ3] Ward Right.

[VHS] Need healing!

[VCJ] Be careful in the Jungle!

[VSBB] I’m going for jungle buff.

[VSBT] Take this jungle buff.

[VSBN] I need the jungle buff.

[VSS] I’m building stacks.

[VSQQ] I will ward.

[VSQ1] I will ward left.

[VSQ2] I will ward middle.

[VSQ3] I will ward right.

[VAT1] Attack Left Tower! (Phoenix)

[VAT2] Attack Middle Tower! (Phoenix)

[VAT3] Attack Right Tower! (Phoenix)  

Special: In Arena [VDM] will say “Defend the Portal!”.

Special: In Arena [VAM] will say “Attack the Minions!”.

[VVVF] Follow me!

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