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Xing Tian's Mountain was an event and a PvE (Player vs Environment) game mode added with SMITE Version 3.17.3628, the patch released on September 13, 2016. It was disabled on October 11, 2016. This event was part of the Odyssey 2017.

This game mode, along with Escape from the Underworld and Fafnir's Wonderland, served as inspiration for the Adventures system.


Queue XingTianMT.png

Atop this mountain, Xing Tian has built an arena to test and challenge the fortitude of the Gods. However brief, the grounds of this arena are accepted as a sacred place where this divine war is halted for a time and Gods of all Pantheons gather for honest competition.

God, hero, or monster, prepare yourself for Xing Tian's challenge!

This new five-player co-op gamemode combines the best parts of MMO-style boss encounters and wave-based survival modes into a truly unique experience. Players will fight a randomly selected encounter and try to defeat it in the time limit. Upon success, players will move to the next round which will be more difficult in defenses and damage. Players can unlock achievements by beating multiple rounds in a single run. The top players will be shown on a leaderboard, showcasing how long players can survive Xing Tian's Mountain.


Achievement SpecialEvent XingTianMT 25.png

Five players face off against rounds of AI encounters in an endless competition. You are level 13, have 7500 gold, and will not gain experience or gold throughout the match. Each round, your team has one minute to complete the encounter. If the round timer expires or your entire team dies, the match is over.

Between rounds:

  • Ability cooldowns are reset
  • Relic cooldowns are reset
  • Health and mana is restored
  • All players respawn


  • Round Complete = +100
  • Surviving Player = +10
  • Time Remaining = +1 per second



There are 15 challenges that players will have to face in this mode. Each encounter can show up more than once but with increased difficulty.

  • Arachnophobia: The boss in this encounter is an empowered Arachne surrounded by many web walls that will respawn shortly after they are broken. This boss has the ability to pull in players and can also use Night Crawler.
  • Bar Fight: The bosses in this encounter are 3 Bacchus. All players have permanent Intoxication for the duration of that round.
  • Bashful Lion: The boss in this encounter is an empowered Lion that is connected to 4 obelisks. The boss is protected by a shield that returns three times the damage it takes. To dispel the shield, all obelisks must be destroyed.
  • Behind You: The boss in this encounter is an empowered Loki. The boss will focus on attacking the players with the least health. Every time the boss uses Vanish, it will immediately deploy several Decoys around its target. Once the decoys explode, the boss will use Assassinate on the target, followed by basic attacks. The boss will repeat this pattern until the end of the round.
  • Cold-hearted Huntress: The boss in this encounter is an empowered Artemis escorted by 3 Ymirs. The boss is immune to crowd control effects, and the 3 Ymirs have reduced ability cooldowns.
  • Colorful Triage: The bosses in this encounter are 3 empowered Cyclops Buff Holders (one Brute, one Thief and one Mage). The Brute is immune to physical damage, the Mage is immune to magical damage, and the Thief is immune to Crowd Control effects.
  • Feel The Thunder: The boss in this encounter is a large, empowered Zeus escorted by 2 Zeus with the Almighty skin. The two Almighty Zeus will use their Aegis Assault to create shields towards the players' general direction, and the boss will use basic attacks and Chain Lightning on them. The boss can also use Lightning Storm.
  • Free Hugs: The boss in this encounter is an empowered Nox. This boss will constantly try to use a stronger version of Shadow Lock that has long range, stuns and deals high damage per second to the target. Ability disabling Crowd Control effects will interrupt the ability.
  • Furious Fire Giant: The boss in this encounter is an empowered Fire Giant. The boss will spawn many of its Molten Pools in quick succession.
  • Just The Two Of Us: The bosses in this encounter are a Ra and a Vamana. Once one of them is defeated, the other one will gain a massive boost of power and very short ability cooldowns.
  • Monster and His Friends: The bosses in this encounter are a Ra, an Artemis, and an empowered Bull Demon King.
  • Rewind: The bosses in this encounter are 3 Chronos. They all have the ability to use Rewind with a very low cooldown.
  • RIP The Dream: The bosses in this encounter are a standard Artemis, Hercules, Ra, Thor, and Ymir.
  • Rolling Stones: The boss in this encounter is an empowered, gigantic Geb. Once the boss dies, it will spawn two large Gebs, who each will in turn also spawn two smaller Gebs, who will also spawn two tiny Gebs when they die. All Gebs will immediately use an endless version of Roll Out as soon as they spawn. All Gebs must be defeated to win the round.
  • Tower of Power: The boss in this encounter is an empowered Tower surrounded by many flaming minions. The tower is invulnerable as long as there are minions alive.


Achievement SpecialEvent XingTianMT 25.png Xing Tian's Mountain
Complete 5 rounds in one match of Xing Tian's Mountain.
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