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Yeti Chest
TreasureRoll Yeti.png
Cost: 200 Gems.png
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Release Date: May 12, 2015

The Yeti Chest is one of the treasure chests in SMITE.


Each Yeti Chest has a chance of unlocking one of the items displayed or one of the following skins: Black Widow, Volcanic, Solar Sentinel, Ravenous, Valkyrie, Wrath of Valhalla, Warforged, or Desert Queen.


Kumbhalayan Yeti Kumbhakarna Lord Slashington III Fenrir


Almighy Zeus Lil' Devil Cupid Obsidian Shard Ymir Soultaker Hades

Black Widow Arachne Volcanic Agni Solar Sentinel Ra Ravenous Bakasura Valkyrie Freya Wrath of Valhalla Thor Warforged Vulcan Desert Queen Serqet