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Cu Chulainn
库丘林 Cu Chulainn
称号 阿尔斯特的猛犬
The Hound of Ulster
神系 Pantheon Celtic 凯尔特神殿
类型 近战,物理
定位 Warrior 战士
特点 高团控能力
登陆日 2017年6月22日
生命值 465(+82)
法力值 100
移动速度 370
攻击距离 16
攻击速度 1(+1.25%)
基础伤害 38(+2) +100%物强
攻击序列 常态:0.7/0.7/1
物理防御 17(+3)
魔法抗性 30(+0.9)
H P 5 9(+0.75)
M P 5 0
神 话 传 说

Thrice born child of Gods and Kings, Cú Chulainn is legend brought to life. A warrior without equal that, alone, held an army at bay; a man of will and courage that resisted both the allure and wrath of the Morrigan; a figure of tragic prophecy, destined for greatness and an early grave. So many legends are there of his achievements they could be spoken for days and yet still more be told. And yet throughout his triumphs, his death loomed constant, foretold and certain.

In his early years, while still bearing the name Sétanta, he was already an impressive individual, catching the attention of King Conchobar with feats of strength and agility. Conchobar invited the boy to a feast hosted by the smith, Culann. Left unchained by mistake, Culann's fearsome guard dog assailed Sétanta when he arrived. With only his bare hands, the boy defended himself and slew the beast. Ashamed, Sétanta swore to Culann he would personally train a new dog and would guard his home in the interim. Impressed, the druid Cathbad declared Sétanta would now be called the Cú Chulainn, the Hound of Culann.

This was the birth of a hero, but his death was yet bound in prophecy. Cathbad, the same druid that named him, promised a group of boys, "Any that take up arms this day will become legends." Seeking greatness, Cú Chulainn raced off to find weapons before hearing more. He saw years of victory, of achieving the impossible, of becoming a legend before him. Cathbad, however, was devastated, for he knew that those that took up arms that day were also foretold to die young.

技 能 介 绍

CuChulainn Passive 狂怒化身 Berserk


  • 狂怒形态持续20秒。

CuChulainn A01 棘刺之枪 Barbed Spear
CuChulainn A01B 大地猛击 Ground Slam


  • 在狂怒形态下库丘林会使用他的巨手猛砸地面,对前方直线上的敌人造成75/135/195/255/315(+45%物理强度)点伤害和1秒的定身效果。
  • 消耗:9点法力值,冷却时间:16/15/14/13/12秒。

CuChulainn A02CuChulainn A02B 宣泄怒火 Vent Anger


  • 在狂怒形态下会全程开启该效果。
  • 消耗:16点法力值,冷却时间:6秒。

CuChulainn A03 鱼跃刺击 Salmon’s Leap
CuChulainn A03B 狂怒冲锋 Furious Charge


  • 在狂怒形态下库丘林会向前冲锋,撞击并驱赶前方所有敌人,造成65/120/175/230/285(+60%物理强度)点伤害并眩晕他们1秒。
  • 消耗:9点法力值,冷却时间:16秒。

CuChulainn A04 刺痛之枪 Spear of Mortal Pain
CuChulainn A04B 战争嚎哭 War Cry


  • 在狂怒形态下,库丘林会对周围30英尺的敌人造成175/250/325/400/475(+65%物理强度)点伤害,并恐惧他们2秒。
  • 消耗:15点法力值,冷却时间:75秒。

普 通 皮 肤
默认形象 阿尔斯特猎犬 彪悍斗士 荣耀金像
Standard CuChulainn Card CuChulainn HoundofUlster Card CuChulainn Bruiser Card CuChulainn Golden Card
高 级 皮 肤
CuChulainn BaeWatch Card