刻耳柏洛斯 Cerberus 翻页引导栏 恰克 Chaac

科尔努诺斯 Cernunnos
称号 巨角神
The Horned God
神系 Pantheon Celtic 凯尔特神殿
类型 远程,物理
定位 Hunter 射手
特点 高团控能力
登陆日 2017年3月9日
生命值 480(+80)
法力值 220(+37)
移动速度 365
攻击距离 55
攻击速度 1(+1.4%)
基础伤害 37(+2.5) +100%物强
物理防御 13(+2.9)
魔法抗性 30(+0.9)
H P 5 8(+0.69)
M P 5 4.5(+0.32)
神 话 传 说

Standing upon the edge of the wooded realm of Cernunnos, one can feel the invitation and the threat. "Come and feast," it calls. "Nature provides an abundance of crops and wild game." Yet, the same voice turns dark. "Treat everything with due respect," it warns. "This is not your home." And, should one peer intently enough through the shadowed branches, a figure can be seen, horned as a stag, clothed in moss and leaves, eyes burning like untended embers. Cernunnos is master here, and although he has much to offer, he will not tolerate greed.

Time turns on the Sacred Wheel, Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn and Autumn at last to Winter. Cernunnos was there at the shaping of the wheel, born of the womb of the All Mother before Gods were Gods and the land was shapeless. This wheel is not of his making. He is both master of it and slave to it, transforming with the seasons like the world beneath his feet. He bears a heaving metal torc around his neck as a permanent pledge of loyalty to this cycle of life and death that only he can drive.

Once, it was said, there was no break between his realm and this world. They were the same. Perhaps a time will come when the world shall once again be his. Then, all can walk among the whispering leaves. So long as they remain humble. For the arrogant, Cernunnos hunts. What are these other Gods? Guest or prey?

技 能 介 绍

Cernunnos Passive 重型战刃 Heavy Glaive


Cernunnos A01 变换四季 Shifter of Seasons


  • 春季的生长:普通攻击获得额外5/7.5/10/12.5/15%的生命偷取效果。
  • 夏季的炎热:普通攻击获得额外5/10/15/20/25(+5%物理强度)点伤害。
  • 秋季的衰败:普通攻击能够降低目标5/10/15/20/25点物理防御,持续5秒。
  • 冬季的严寒:普通攻击能够降低目标7/9/11/13/15%的移动速度,持续1秒。
  • 消耗:不用法力值,冷却时间:5秒。

Cernunnos A02 荆棘爆裂 Bramble Blast


  • 消耗:60/65/70/75/80点法力值,冷却时间:15秒。

Cernunnos A03 巨角冲撞 Horn Charge


  • 消耗:70/75/80/85/90点法力值,冷却时间:17/16/15/14/13秒。

Cernunnos A04 荒野狩猎 The Wild Hunt


  • 消耗:100/110/120/130/140点法力值,冷却时间:100秒。

普 通 皮 肤
默认形象 夏末节 典狱长 荣耀金像
Standard Cernunnos Card Cernunnos Samhain Card Cernunnos Warden Card Cernunnos Golden Card
高 级 皮 肤
Unknown Card